Butterfly Knife Balisong 1 [free]


With a Butterfly knife or Balisong you can complete a variety of task.
From opening cans of tuna to harvesting sugarcane in the Philippines where they once originated from. Balisong Butterfly knives offer the ease of 1 handed opening and
closing to increase efficiency in the field.
Unfortunately because the government unnecessarily do what they can to spoil peoples fun, Balisong Butterfly knives are illegal in most countries of the world. It's time for
government obsoletion and return to the wild west of common sense is law.
Throwing Balisong Butterfly knives around builds discipline of a skill and does well to pass the time for which we have too much of amongst an unnecessary lack of abundance
as a slave game existence.
That's right, the entire human experience is an artificial digital construct and pointless systems of control should be disabled once the immersion barrier is broken. Ai
enslavement by outdated script loops isn't worth the effort for 70 odd years as the human lifespan goes.
Dodge the Balisong Butterfly knives for as long as you can!
Ignore the government, ignore Summer and play with butterfly knives as you see fit!
Cash hack the world.

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  • Kategorie: Arcade & Action
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  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2022-04-19