Drawing together the popular anime
A topical question: how to draw anime worries many fans of the popular cartoon. If you do not want to sit long with a pencil in his hand, dreaming of immediately get a cool
and cool drawing, then our detailed article will help you in this. We tell you in detail and simply, how to draw anime step by step. Take an album or individual sheets of
paper, sit down on the couch or at the table, turn on a movie or cool music and learn how to draw anime step by step. In total we will consider 10 steps - do not be
frightened by this number, they are small, but this breakdown allows you to accurately go through the training of drawing. All the steps are described in a detailed and
clear language - our lesson will not cause you difficulty, so let's get started.
Consider - how to draw anime
In fact, the drawing is not so complicated, in short, how to draw anime, there are a couple of steps. Draw a circle and two straight lines perpendicular to this circle
first. Then derive the outline of the face and the bandage - how to easily draw anime we looked at.
We don't draw all anime characters, so we'll take a closer look at how to easily draw anime separately. We draw after the oval of his head his eyes, mouth and nose. We pay
attention to the hair, stripes on his cheeks, eyebrows and the line on his ear, we do not draw all the characters anime, but consider how to draw . Drawing the details,
pencil over the hero's eyes, unnecessary lines gently wipe with an eraser.
We solved the mystery of how to draw anime all characters, now it's just a matter of time. We can leave the drawing as it is or we can put light shadows on it with colored
pencils so that the hero starts to come to life before our eyes. If you want to leave the drawing in black and white, we recommend tracing it with a gel pen, but you can
take colored pencils and add color. Here in the first place comes out only your personal desire. Do not get upset if something went wrong, you can always rediscover how to
draw anime, because the first time is not always perfect and this must be understood. A beautiful drawing is easy if you follow our lesson step by step. Drawing is the best
hobby after a hard, eventful day at work. When you want to relax, immerse yourself in silence in a pleasant activity, immediately take a blank sheet of paper, come to us for
a lesson and start creating.

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