Elite Islamic Marriage, which was established with the principle of Islamic marriage, is Turkey's only global Islamic marriage platform that provides marriage-related dating
services to Muslims all over the world.
Our Basic Principles
It is Turkey's global marriage application that mediates the meeting of Muslims all over the world for the purpose of marriage. We use the slogan of Islamic Marriage as we
provide a marriage service for Muslims only.
Islamic Matrimonial Site
Instant Messaging and Temporary Image Sharing Feature
In our application, instant messaging system is used so that you can message each other comfortably with the members you want to meet. In our instant messaging system, there
is a temporary photo sending feature so that you can securely share your pictures with the members you are messaging. In this way, the pictures you send to the other party are
automatically deleted from the other party's phone or computer within 20 seconds. The person you share the picture with will not be able to save these pictures in any way. You
can easily message the members you want to meet in our application without having to give your social media or other contact information. You can block people you don't want
to text you.
High Security
The Elitislamievlilik application, which attaches great importance to the information privacy and security of its members, has a high software technology. Due to information
security, we do not receive any member's real identity information while subscribing to our application. During the membership phase, we only ask our members questions such as
their physical characteristics, profession, lifestyle, and the features they are looking for in a spouse candidate. While you are a member of our application, it is not
possible for other members to see the contact information you shared with us so that we can communicate with you. Your contact information is never shared with third parties.
When you permanently delete your membership from our application, all your information is automatically deleted from our records. The web services of our application have 256
bit SSL, Crypto Password, GEO Trust security certificates.

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