Tennis ScoreView 1.1.8 [free]


Create club or school competitions based on a number of players or teams, for a given number of rounds. Users are then able to use their phones to score and
view the matches in real time.
View Tennis and many different sports for all family members in one place.
No need to search a web site for the sports you are involved with to get information.
To see your club and competition details share this app with your club administrator.
Hours of saved administration time with quick competition generation.
No more manual working out difficult draws.
No more management and sharing of paper scoring.
View many rounds at once showing the all games progress.
Preconfigured Tennis sports type can be selected when creating a sports club. Multiple clubs of different sports types are supported. Group messages can be sent to
participants in a competition keeping everyone informed. Leader board keeps everyone up to date with the latest match results. Score history can be viewed during and after
games are played. Players or teams can be removed and added to competitions even after the competition has started.

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  • App-Namen: Tennis ScoreView
  • Kategorie: Gesundheit & Fitness
  • App-Code: com.pdssolutions.fluttersportsdraw
  • Version: 1.1.8
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  • Aktualisierungszeit: 2022-05-14